Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reflection from first week on medical ward

This week has gone so fast!

I have seen quite a few patients and im starting to get to know the processes better. But i guess il learn them as time goes by and with experience using them.

Learning is a major part of my transition into this week - and i have to make sure that i bear this in mind when working with patients. In particular it is important that i identify things that i am unsure of and aim to find them out.

There are a few diagnosis that i am unsure of...yes it is important to know about conditions however i feel its more important to not focus on the condition, go into see a patient with an open mind and listen to their experience, learn from them and observe their function. I guess not going in with any preconception about how they should present with a certain condition will help me focus on the occupational performance. I would be interested in my supervisors view of this analysis of mine.

I think its become incredibly hard to be holistic on the medical ward...even though im still coming to terms with what holistic means in acute occupational therapy practice. Over the last week i have found myself talking with patients a lot more about their occupation, what things interest them, how they spend there day- and i find this helps me a) get an idea of their functional level before admission and b) connect and develop a rapport with them. I think thats why occupational therapists get along side patients much more because we are interested in their lives and not purely their pain/symptoms and medical readiness for d/c.

I am finding that my colleges are so useful to run ideas past, get advice and just flll me in or remind me of the hospital processes. Unlike my last job - its easier when your full time you can get some constancy going and learn at a quicker rate.

Im finding checking in with my supervisor very helpful and supportive. And its funny the day after i posted the articulation of reasoning post she recommended that i get some more structure so she can easily follow my clinical reasoning. I have made myself some wee prompts when i am reviewing cases and i think it will take some practice until i get some sort of flow. Im also not great at expressing what i think and this needs some practice and development as well. This is where this blog will come in helpful. I plan to review a case on this blog with no identifying information once a week on a thursday and take it to supervision to do a peer review and critical reflection.

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