Monday, February 16, 2009

Articulating OT process and reasoning

Throughout the last two days i have been checking in with my supervisor who is on the same ward as me regarding patients that i have seen, what i have done with them and where to next.

I am finding that explaining what i have done has been rather "un organised" and i think this is an area i need to work on.
Its not that i dont know what i have done its putting together sentances and leaving out unnessasary information so that my superviser has a clear picture of what i have done with the patient, what happened, and where to next. I think its just becuase im still settling in and learning about the diagnosis on the medical ward.

For example my supervisor prompts me to talk to her about a particular patient and i dont follow a clear format so i am going to try and make a format to prompt me what to say until i get more competent with reporting the Ot process.

Maybe this..

This patient was referred by.....because....
Primary diagnosis
Secondary diagnosis/Med Hx
Info about social situation
OT input to date
Analysis of assessment/obs/interviews
Contact with other team members
Any discharge plans/referrals
Plan - where to now OT input wise

So i will try this and see how it goes :)


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