Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beginning at my new job

Well i have spent two days at my new job - learning the processes etc at the DHB, getting orientated and finding my way round. Ive found it easy to fit in with the OT's there because i know a few of them and some of them i trained with.

Havnt had any patient contact really, only sat in on a family mtg, and watched a kitchen assessment. Tomorrow i begin on the medical ward with my senior. So will be a big week where i can start utilsing this blog alot more for clinical reflecting.

I will invite my superviser to come on and read my reflections so she can monitor where my clinical reasoning is at.

I will draft up reflection model questions to stimulate ideas to reflect apon now.


What have i done today/this week that was professionally challenging?

Can you think of a case that was reflecting a medical based model..and how could i change the way i approach situations, problem solve and work with patients to be more holistic?

What was frustrating/enjoyable this week?

How did i work with colleagues in clinical practice and how these interactions have evolved over time?

Think of a clinician/patient relationship that felt client centred? Why did it work so well?

When/how and what information did i seek this week that i was unsure about?

What have i learnt this week?

Think of a problem that you had to solve, how did you go about this/did you need any support or advice?

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