Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I just had a thought!

All this time i have been focusing on patients limitations and using them to aid discharge planning..i feel awful i want to focus on both the clients strengths and weaknesses.

I think that when i document in patients notes (after assessments) i always put the problems and things that they did independently however from now on i wish to document their strengths, and not get tied up in their problems.

Im sure that this would also help the therapeutic relationship as well - everyone must want to know what others think they are doing well at!

I think of an example from practice where i could have done a better job!

I was discussing the results of a cognistat assessment with a patient and his wife. Im sad to report that i kind of brushed over what he did well and then talked more about the limitations of his cognition.

From now on im going to make sure that i place emphasis on patients strengths and then introduce the limitations.

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