Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Communication with the team

I certainly think that my communication has come along way in the last 2 weeks at work (as i get to know them all) however i think there are a few things that i need to go over in my brain as to when i should talk to other team members....

- If i am unsure if they are involved or had a referral - just check out - as there is nothing worse than receiving a late referral

- To pass on vital info - as there is only an MDT once a week - for this very reason i think it would be good to sit down as an interdisciplinary team and discuss patients once a week also
This would give us an opportunity to ensure that others were involved and help know if we are going to have to be involved and help us prioritise the case load.

- In a mtg like this we could all get a good understanding of social situ, presenting problems and the patients progress and any recommendations for discharge.

Just a thought

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