Friday, April 24, 2009


I believe being competent is more than just being able to "do" things, "knowing" how to do things and having the knowledge. Its being able to have a complete package of skills and knowledge!

On medical patients are often soooooooo complex - and everyday their is something different (hense the importance of support). I have found over the last wee while that its not being good at prioritsation and knowing criteria or about a diagnosis - its being able to combine all the skills and knowledge to keep up with the pace of the setting and provide a quality service to patients.

So my reflection about myself - My knowledge about condition is very limited therefore sometimes time is a limiting factor. My prioritising skills are their but im finding it hard to "apply them" - its hard to let go of stuff that you could be doing - but only being able to focus on the "necessary" - just gotta get use to it.

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