Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Helping out on surgical

A staff member has been away on leave this week and i have been picking up a bit of general surgical patients - and i have decided to do a bit of comparing between medical and surgical

-Often patients on surgical "recover" alot more rapidly and sometimes by the time they leave the ward they actually dont need some of the equipment you have assessed for

-Support is likely to be more "short term" - where as in medical more of the elderly patients require it more long term as they have complex or multiple medical issues

-The processes are alot more different! as they are everywhere - but im having no problems asking where things are!

-More medical terms and surgerys that i dont know the precautions for!

-Easier to know how to prioritise them as they have a clearer discharge plan

-Patients are less likely to be "complex" and more of them are younger and likely to be working!

Enjoying the different experience

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