Monday, April 6, 2009

Discussing cases

I have realised that over the last few weeks my communication with senior staff has decreased and i am wondering why this has been?
Is it that i am doing more thinking myself? Is it because the caseload is bigger? I know its not a lack of availability..but it may be because ive had a pretty busy time outside of work. It may be a combination of these influences but i finding that im feeling the pressure of work.
So what should i do to make things better? I think firstly i need to realise what i get out of case discussions.
Case discussions enable me to feel confident about what i am doing on a daily basis as well as increasing my knowledge about conditions, treatment options and processes.
Next i need to think about how i am helping myself. Why am i seeking less guidence? i do think i am balancing when i need to get advice and when i feel confident so i guess to a certain degree im capable of doing more by myself.
Even if this is the case i want to make a concious effort to talk more to my supervisor about what i am doing - talking about my caseload and exloring my clinical reasoning. I think now that "life" has settled down a bit more i can focus better when i am at work. I have gained alot in the past from talking through things even if it is in arrears because i can refelct on what i have done.
Where to from here?
Begin (again) activly talking about my day and the people i have seen

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