Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brainstorm - how to ask patients about their percpetion of their cognition

I have been having difficulty coming up with a "good" way of asking patients questions about their percpetion of their cognition before hospital admission. The purpose of this post is to brainstorm some ideas to take to my supervisor to discuss and get some ideas

Brainstorm questions:
General cognition:
Cognition invloves
a) processing of information - understanding thinking
b) applying knowledge
c) changing preferences
E.g. memory, association, concept formation, language, attention, perception, action, problem solving and mental imagery.

Tell me about your memory before you came into hospital?
Have you noticed any changes in your memory lately?
Have you ever forgotten about an appointment or burnt your food when cooking?

Have you ever forgotten where you were or the time of day it was?

Have you ever been in a tricky situation and you didnt know what to do?
Do you manage paying your bills? Is this ever tricky? If so can you tell me about that?

Do you have trouble organising yourself for doing things e.g.getting ready to go shopping or getting the kitchen/food ready for preparing a meal?

Have you ever had problems remembering the names of an object?
Have you ever got lost when driving around your neighbourhood/around lower hutt?

As you can see i have tried to brainstorm questions around functional activities that a patient might be doing before admission?

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