Monday, March 7, 2011

Leaving one job and starting a new

So its been a while since I reflected on this blog.
I have resigned from my position as rotational occupational therapist after 2 years in rheum/rehab/acute/medical/ortho/surgical.
I reflect on the growth and professional development over the last 2 years.
I feel i have developed a wide range of knowledge about the OT role in acute and rehab settings.
I have developed fluent assessment skills and my clinical decision making is sound. I have worked hard on developing my commnication skills and maturity, and I have thrived in supporting and helping other colleagues.
I have developed into a strong driver and advocate for OT and interdisiplinary assessment/treatment. I have inititated and engaged in many quality projects and been praised for my ability to bring issues to senior members to activiely resolved problems.
I am going into a new position that will have its own set of clinical demands, with lots of learning and problem solving. One I am looking forward to alot

Will reflect again once commencing this position, but just for now i feel i have the necessary key skills to learn and develop in this specialised setting.

J x


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