Monday, October 4, 2010

Working on Rehab

Team members (OT)
I have found that my team members are more than happy to listen and discuss my patients with me. They freely offer their opinion and talk about similar cases that help me.

Allied health team members
I am fortunit to have had time with some experienced physio's and work interdisiplinary on numerous occasions. It has allowed me to confirm my reasoning and gain a wide reasoning base - e.g. the physios observations often prompt me to guide my observations to look at different occupational performance components.
I am beginning to understand more of the SLT role and some of their intervention techniques. However, i am struggling to understand the overlap between cognitive function and communication and the boundaries between OT/SLT when assessing cognitive function.

Caseload management
I feel i am managing to divide and manage my patients better than when i first started on rehab. I am keeping more up to date with my lower priority patients.

Goal setting
I am goal setting with my patients but i wish to work on more specific goal setting e.g. more smart. I wish to use my planning time to look at smart goals on shorter time periods e.g. 1 or 2 weeks so i can keep track of them and make them achieveable.

I feel adequately supported in clincial work with my team members. Most have time and are interested in discussion about patients. I realise my lack of emotional support at this time needs to be also focused on. I am lucky to have support at work for this but I need to look at challenging my personal beliefs in the work place to ensure I develop professionally

Skill development
I am gaining confiendence with dense stroke patients with the support of my experienced colleagues.

Family meetings and case conferences (including articulation when communicating).
I realise that sometimes things just have to be said - even if the patient doesnt want to hear it or if it makes them feel upset/angry. I wish to take a case and plan what i am going to say and get some feedback from a peer as to how i articulated it - perhaps this could be done prior with an OT and after with a PT/SW e.g. asking them - do you think the way i articulated my input was appropriate/honest but considerate of others emotional needs?

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