Thursday, March 4, 2010

Supporting others

Below are some of the activities i wish to do this year, related to my overall objective of: Articulate, negotiate, & demonstrate the role & function of an occupational therapist within a team.

Activity #1: Support the orientation and learning of processes of new staff members by being available to peers for facilitating learning. Seek feedback about support provided to peers and discuss in supervision
Date to complete this activity by: Dec 2010
Added: 24/2/10

Activity #2: Demonstrate and articulate the role of an occupational therapist by modelling and providing support/guidance to peers and OTA
Date to complete this activity by: Dec 2010
Added: 24/2/10

This week we have had two new staff members within our team. I have made myself available to them and they have come to me with questions about a) particular assessments e.g. screening cognition; PTA; intial OT assessments; b) equipment processes and paperwork c) documentation guidance and SOTAP explanation. I have felt confident to talk these through with them, and demonstrate with patients "what i would do with a patient" and how i would document in the notes.

I have felt like i have explained everything slowely, and i have asked if they have understood. I have tried really hard not to take over and involve them in the process, however i think they have apprecitated the demonstration and role modelling of what another therapist would do.

I have attended an MDT meeting with one of the therapists and demonstrated, asking questions to clarify if patients need input etc. And communicating current input. The therapist told me she found it very useful observing when to speak up and ask information.

I have made myself available in the office for questions, as they have both approached me in the office to ask questions about processes and talk through patients with me. I have also encouraged them to talk to senior OT's if they have needed more clarification or guidance.

I wish to continue doing this over the next few weeks, to ensure that what ever i can do to support the new staff members thats appropriate i do.

I wish to talk in supervision about what things are appropriate for me to be doing and when i should direct them to a senior OT.


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