Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seeking support when its needed to ensure safety

I have learnt that sometimes I take comments from patients too personal. I have realized that identifying when my emotion changes towards a situation that i need to seek support and talk over the situation with a senior OT as soon as possible, in order to reflect on what has happened and deal with it appropriately. At times throughout this year i have become upset in situations with patients, and this has stressed me out. I am aiming to be more self aware in these situations so that i don't over react, don't internalize thoughts and begin to analyze the comment or situation. On one particular occasion this year i have realised that it was not purely my wrong doing that caused a patient to act the way he did, which made me react negatively causing me to become upset by the situation. It is a team approach on the ward, and really the best thing to do when a patient has been "difficult" is to get together as a team and sort out the best approach to apply when working with the particular patient. E.g. with discharge planning, expectations, ways of dealing with questions/complaints/concerns. Over all, I have learnt the importance of ensuring the safety of myself by seeking support from my seniors


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