Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My communication

I have been reflecting on my communication style over the last week. I have realised the following...

Sometimes i often miss out detail when talking with people that is important. I wonder if this is to do with being in a hurry, or just my ability to remember all of the detail and verbalize it. I wonder if i may experience some anxiety and freek myself out when communicating with certain people, causing me to give a brief response. Actually i wonder if the problem is that i have so much to say, that i try and say it all and forget what it is that is the most important to communicate.
So... i guess i need to slow my processing down, and provide a prompt for myself so that i communicate the essential without rambling off the topic nor missing things out.
Think il give this a try......

Sometimes I switch off when listening, as hard as that is to admit its important that i do so that i can work on it. Who knows what important information i dont pick up on, or what the other person thinks of me when I switch off.
Listening is an essential part of communicating with others. I wonder why i have trouble maintaining attention. Its likely to be do do with nutrition, hydration and sleep...all of which im working hard on!
I guess my attention span is also influenced by taking regular breaks throughout the day, which is also important, and i have successfully managed to take morning tea breaks for a while now with the MDT members.
Unfortunately sleep is the best currently, however it can only get better!
I wonder if there are any other influences that make me switch off and not listen well. I definitely dont just switch off because i dont want to listen...talking about cases with my team members interests me and the information is definitely worth while knowing. Hmmm... This makes me sound awful - THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME!

Also... i have noticed that sometimes i cut people off before they are finished speaking! This is definitely rude and i try very hard not to do it! But sometimes i get carried away with my thoughts and what to express them then and there! Thats when its hard for me to keep listenning and remember what i was going to say. Man it sounds like my brain doesnt function very well at all.
How am i meant to listen and recall at the same time - this is a skill i have yet to master! However again it doesnt happen all the time.
I either listen and totally forget what i was going to say, or dont listen and then talk...How can i remember and listen!???

On a more positive side of things...I do communicate essential and relevant information to my team members, and i notice that they appreciate me doing so. It helps us work better as a team, sharing information and problem solving though situations. All in all it makes discharge planning a smoother process.

So just the basics i need to work on i think! And to finish up

-Done some reflection through self awareness

-Worked out what influences my interactions

-Starting to work on my communicating and well-being!


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