Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jumping into ortho

Changed wards this week - good change, fast change and ive just jumped on into it. Team members and staff are all welcoming and helpful - which is great.
Picked up several complex patients including multi traumas and have several medical boarders as well - so still have a touch of "home" on medical lol

Lots of learning well revising from my prev experience on ortho at my last job - i can see im going to get more skilled assessing for wheelchairs and activity analysis for multi traumas

Most days (so far) i have been going home brain dead from problem solving though situations and figuring out how a patient is going to "do" things.
Trying hard to place high emphasis on occupational performance but plan to do a case review to really break down an occupation i deal with on a daily basis and look at all the different aspects of it affecting performance.

This will help me with analysis and make sure my assessments are thoughouh and occupation specific

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