Sunday, July 5, 2009

7 weeks to go on medical

Oh time has flown - ive really been here for 6 months - and i feel like i have learnt alot - now to reflect on what the medical rotation has offered me and what i have developed skill in...

I feel i have developed better communication and confidence with talking with the medical team - especially communicating results of assessments for complex patients

I feel i have learnt so much about "cognition" but i wish to continue learning about this - it has become an interest of mine

I have learnt heaps about the medical processes including
a) involving other team members and referrals
b) handing over to rehab
c) assessing appropriateness for a period of rehab
d) organising home visits
e) liasing with family re: prior level of function
f) reasons for a cognitive assessment or when it is not appropriate

I next plan to assess my model against how i have fitted into this setting - and kind of a test it out


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